Zoom Rooms Instructions

For our return to in-person classes with hybrid online class support, we have switched from our standard Zoom setup to Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms is very similar to Zoom, but allows us to move the control and management of your Zoom meeting to a tablet within the classroom.

This makes it easier for professors to share material, for AV/IT Support to diagnose issues, and (perhaps most wonderfully for us all) eliminates the number of moving cables and plugging and unplugging items every time you enter a classroom

While the use of Zoom Rooms should be quite intuitive to Zoom users, we will document the proper general usage of Zoom Rooms here.

The Regent AV site contains supplementary guides for each of the classrooms in which Zoom Rooms are implemented in order to help document how the different equipment in each room works

Turning on the Tablet, Starting the Meeting, and a Button NOT to press

  • Rooms 13, 100, and 230 each have an Amazon Tablet in them that serves as a controller for the Zoom Room

  • The computers in these rooms run the meetings, but these tablets connect over WiFi and move all the controls to an easy interface

      • We have set up Zoom Rooms to automatically start meetings in these classrooms, but the following instructions will show you how to use the controller, start a meeting manually, and end meetings

  • To use these tablets, begin by pressing the button directly above the charging cable

      • This will activate the tablet

      • To open the tablet once activated, simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen

  • The tablet should automatically open to the Zoom Rooms application, but if for some reason it does not, simply select the Zoom Rooms application from the main screen as displayed here

      • You may need to use the back arrow or the home key on the bottom of the tablet to get to the main display as shown here

      • If the tablet is unable to connect to the internet (e.g. the WiFi is out), you can start the Zoom Rooms controller by:

          • Opening a browser on the computer in the room (which is displaying on the tvs)

          • Visiting Zoom.us

          • Clicking Room Management

          • Clicking on Launch Controller for the room you are in

  • Once you press on Zoom Rooms, the application should open to the Meet Now page - from here, you can begin an ad hoc meeting or invite individuals to meet by searching the directory

  • However, to start a class meeting, you can select Meeting List from the left-hand tab and select the class that you would like to begin

  • Once you have begun the meeting, you should notice a familiar looking control panel

      • You can press on the mute button or stop video button to mute the room microphone or turn off the room camera

          • Please note that it may take 1 to 2 seconds for these two buttons to change their display

  • You can record the meeting by pressing Start Recording

  • Please do not press on the "Switch Camera" or "Camera Control" buttons, as we have not set up capacities for these

      • If you accidentally press the Switch Camera button in Room 13, please follow these steps to restore the camera:

          • Press the gear shaped button in the top right corner of the main screen

          • On the settings screen, press the Camera option

          • Select "Anker PowerConf c300" and enter the password "5800" to change the setting

          • Press Done on the settings panel

          • Press the Camera button to turn back on the camera

Viewing Participants, Inviting Others, and Muting/Unmuting Participants

  • You can press the Change View button to change the display type on the class screens from Gallery to Speaker view

      • After selecting the view you would like to switch to, press the Done button to close the Change View window

  • You can press the Manage Participants Button to view a list of the participants, invite others, mute/unmute participants, or see other options

      • To close this window simply press done

Chat and Chat Settings

  • You can press the Chat button to view the chat, send messages to the class or individuals, and edit chat settings

      • Note that by pressing the settings button in the chat window, you can choose to display or hide notifications or the whole chat panel on the TV

      • To close this window press the X in the top left

Sharing Screens

  • If you, a guest, or a student would like to share their computer screen, phone screen, or camera, press the Green Share Screen button

      • If a guest is having trouble sharing their screen, make sure to check the Advanced Sharing Options

      • Then you can simply open the Zoom application on your computer or phone, click Share Screen, and enter the Sharing Key and the Passcode listed here

      • Please note that if anyone is sharing from within the classroom, they should be careful to mute their microphone and turn off their speakers when they share their screen

      • By pressing the Advanced Sharing Options, you can control who can share their screen - enabling users other than the "Host" of the Zoom meeting to share

Ending the Meeting

  • When you would like to end the meeting, please press the Red End Meeting button at the bottom of the main window

  • Make sure to select "End Meeting for All" or the meeting will continue