General Information

Accessing Films from UBC

Certain classes may require students to view films which are available via UBC. Here's how to access them.

Where are the films?

  • UBC library has access to the Criterion-on-Demand here:

  • If you can’t find the film you are looking for, please try Kanopy here:

  • Otherwise please try emailing [email protected] with your specific request.

Who has access?

  • Regent students should be able to access these resources with their CWL.

  • Faculty will need to log in with their library barcode, as they usually do for UBC library resources.

  • There's a chance that some films will only work while on-campus, so be sure to test this if you plan to watch a film off-campus.

How can we use the films?

  • Asynchronously: Simply link to the film in Moodle (or if you're a student, find the link in Moodle) and have students watch it outside of class.

  • Synchronously: Paste the link into the Zoom chat. Students will click the link, log into the UBC library with their CWL, and watch. Zoom can remain open while everyone watches on their own computers. This will require that all students have verified they can use the service beforehand.

Borrowing Speakers & Microphones

Need to use a microphone or speaker in class? Here's how.

  • Speakers: If you would like to play audio over a portable speaker (instead of the classroom audio setup), please contact the IT Help Desk at [email protected] at least three working days in advance.

  • Microphones: Voice amplification is only available in the Chapel and Room 100. If your class is being recorded in Room 100, please contact Regent Audio at [email protected] for more information.