Connecting to the Projector

Using the Chapel requires a 2-hour training session with Regent IT. Email [email protected] to book a session. Using the Chapel without proper training is not allowed.

The Chapel has a Logitech Spotlight clicker on the battery shelf.

Unplug the USB adapter from the bottom and plug the adapter into any computer

  • Click any button to wake up the clicker
  • Centre button advances slides
  • Bottom button reverses slides
  • Top button activates zoom/spotlight/pointer. To use these you must install the Logitech Spotlight software on your computer.
  • You don't have to point the remote at your computer for it to work (it is not directional infrared)

Visit the Logitech Spotlight website for more information.

The easiest way to connect to the projector is using the Chapel iPad with AirPlay.

  1. Pick up the clicker
  2. Press any button to wake it up
  3. Open your presentation in KeyNote on the Chapel iPad
  4. Start the presentation
  5. Press centre button on clicker to advance and bottom button to reverse
  6. If nothing happens you may have to re-pair the clicker. On the iPad open Settings -> Bluetooth. Click connect next to the Spotlight entry. If this doesn't work, remove the Spotlight with the "i" button and click "forget". Hold the top and bottom buttons on the clicker for a few seconds (it will vibrate once and a light will flash on the top). On the iPad it should show a new entry called Spotlight, click connect.