Managing Video

Using the Chapel requires a 2-hour training session with Regent IT. Email [email protected] to book a session. Using the Chapel without proper training is not allowed.

Zoom + SlingStudio Streaming

SlingStudio streaming allows you to embed content from the projector onto the stream and use multiple cameras with any iOS or Android device.

Zoom is video-conferencing software.

This setup requires connecting to Zoom meeting with two computers. We couldn't find a way to do it with one computer without audio feedback.

Zoom & YouTube Setup

  1. Make sure your user has "Pro" Zoom
  2. Create a meeting. Ensure you've added a pin code, as the stream might see the meeting ID
  3. Distribute meeting details to participants
  4. Schedule a test a few days prior to the meeting
  5. Create YouTube public event

Room Setup

  1. Turn on projector
  2. Plug in Quad LED lights behind podium
  3. Setup handheld mic at sound desk to talk to participants
  4. Setup handheld mic at the front for Q&A
  5. Turn down iPad/Projector audio send to SlingStudio (Universal Control on audio computer)
  6. Start SlingStudio and CameraLink
  7. Get iPad Pro, bluetooth headphones, and USB-C HDMI adapter
  8. Launch SlingStudio console on iPad Pro
  9. Turn on spotlights using Wemo on iPad Pro
  10. Change HDMI video switcher to #3 (video computer) for projector
  11. Change HDMI video switcher to #1 (airplay) for stream
  12. Get regular iPad and launch pre-stream slides, AirPlay to Chapel, run the slides
  13. iPad Pro SlingStudio console: start recording and preview YouTube stream
  14. Setup iPhone directed at audience in the Chapel

MacBook Pro Setup

  1. Get USB-C to Ethernet adapter
  2. Get USB-C to USB-A adapter
  3. Run ethernet cable from sound room on any open port to sound desk and plug into the MacBook
  4. Plug USB-C power on desk into MacBook
  5. BlackBird HDMI on desk (PTZOptics camera feed) to the Elgato CamLink 4K USB into the MacBook using USB-A adapter
  6. USB-C HDMI out from MacBook to SlingStudio Camera Link
  7. Start Zoom app on MacBook. Check updates.
  8. Join Zoom meeting with audio & video.
  9. Mute microphone
  10. Ensure audio output (speakers) is set to T749-fHD (the CamLink)
  11. Full-screen, gallery view, hide non-video participants

Video Computer Setup

  1. Move audio line-in from SlingStudio to the line-in on the video computer
  2. Launch PTZOptics camera control and check zoom, lighting, scenes, etc
  3. Launch Zoom app on video computer. Check updates.
  4. Join Zoom meeting. Do not turn on video. Join audio.
  5. Move the Zoom window to the left so that it shows on the projector.
  6. Full-screen. Move participant window to the right so you can control it with the monitor
  7. Start with Gallery view

Participants Join

  1. Ask them to switch to the Gallery view
  2. Hide non-video participants (though this may be the default if the host does it first)
  3. Audio checks: make sure everyone can hear everyone
  4. Audio checks: make sure everyone can be heard properly on the stream
  5. Ask the host (in the Chapel) to face the sound desk so that the remote participants can see them

Go Live

  1. Use iPhone for room audience on SlingStudio
  2. Show the iPad pre-event slideshow
  3. (event start) switch to the Zoom feed from the MacBook Pro
  4. On video computer and MacBook: Switch between gallery view and speaker view as necessary. Double-click to select speaker.

Clean Up

  1. Change iPad/Projector audio-send in Universal Control back to SlingStudio
  2. Change audio line-in back to SlingStudio hub
  3. Remove ethernet cable run
  4. Plug SlingStudio Camlink back into the BlackBird HDMI receiver
  5. Turn off spotlights
  6. Turn off projector
  7. Turn off Quad LED lights behind podium