Managing Video

Using the Chapel requires a 2-hour training session with Regent IT. Email [email protected] to book a session. Using the Chapel without proper training is not allowed.

Chapel Video in Room 100 and Elsewhere

Viewing the stream is available on YouTube or directly from the camera itself.

YouTube private events are available in Room 100 using the Apple TV. Unlisted events are available to individuals if you share it. Public events are available to everyone.

YouTube will have some delay but can include embedded slides in the stream if you stream using OBS. The camera has little delay but does not include embedded slides.

Viewing YouTube in Room 100

  1. Via Apple TV
    1. Open YouTube
    2. Verify "Regent College" is signed in. If not email [email protected]
    3. Scroll down to "Recently Uploaded" and click the "Live" event you created.
  2. Via another computer
    1. Plug in the computer via HDMI
    2. Play from YouTube

Viewing the Camera in Room 100

  1. Via Apple TV
    1. Open VLC
    2. Scroll down to the only entry "rtsp://" and click
  2. Via another computer
    1. Make sure you are on the utgr wireless network
    2. Download VLC
    3. File -> Open Network
    4. Enter "rtsp://" and click "open"

Viewing Elsewhere

YouTube is of course ubiquitous and available everywhere. The camera feed is only available on the utgr wireless network.