Managing Video

Using the Chapel requires a 2-hour training session with Regent IT. Email [email protected] to book a session. Using the Chapel without proper training is not allowed.

Managing Video

Turn on the streaming computer monitor

Launch the PTZOptics camera control app from the desktop. Switch to advanced view. Turn on preview.

On the sound board click "SlingStudio" under Mixes on the right. This determines the send for each source.

Camera Brightness and White Balance

  • The camera remote allows you to change the brightness and white balance. The remote must be pointed directly at the camera to work.

  • If zoomed in on the lecturer you can use: manual, 1/30, F2.0, brightness 7.0. Make sure the LED light slider is only at 50%, otherwise it will be too bright.

  • Otherwise just set it to: auto

Turning on the Spotlights

  1. Launch the Wemo (green icon) app

  2. Turn on the spotlights right and left

  3. If this doesn't work you can press the power button on each white WeMo adapter on the power bars for each spotlight

Controlling the Camera

The video computer on the right has a camera controller app and is the best option.


You should post signs if you are live-streaming.