Connecting to the Projector

Using the Chapel requires a 2-hour training session with Regent IT. Email [email protected] to book a session. Using the Chapel without proper training is not allowed.

Using the Projector Remote

  • There is a remote on the podium, another in the AV room on the battery shelf, and a backup at Reception. You must point the remote up at the projector.
  • Turn it on using the ON white button on the top right
  • Turn it off using STANDBY top left, then press STANDBY again to confirm
  • BLANK the projector to temporarily blank the screen
  • The projector should always be on input #2. If it isn't, change the input source using the numbers on the keypad by pressing "2".
    • In the unlikely event of catastrophic damage to the audio setup, you can change the projector input to #1 and use the backup Factor HDMI/VGA plate recovered from the old podium.

Projector tips

  • Use the "blank" button on the remote to turn the projector display off and on. This is useful when the presenter temporarily wants the display blanked.
  • The projector max resolution is 1920 x 1200 (16/10 aspect) using the Podium HDMI. AirPlay max resolution is 1920 x 1080 (16/9 aspect)

Turn off the projector

After finishing your presentation please remember to turn off the projector.

  1. Point the remote at the projector and press the STANDBY button.
  2. Press STANDBY again to confirm.