Connecting to the Projector

Using the Chapel requires a 2-hour training session with Regent IT. Email [email protected] to book a session. Using the Chapel without proper training is not allowed.

Connect Wireless iPad/iPhone with AirPlay

  1. Enable Bluetooth on your device and connect to the utgr Wi-Fi network.
    • Note: only Regent staff and faculty have access to the utgr network. Please contact the IT Help Desk at least 3 days in advance if you would like to set up a guest lecturer with AirPlay.
  2. Turn on the projector (see Using the Projector Remote).
  3. Press "2" on the keypad to select HDMI 2. The Chapel Apple TV welcome screen should be displayed.
  4. Open Control Center on your iPhone or iPad and tap Screen Mirroring.
    • Tap Chapel to mirror your screen.
    • If this is your first time displaying in the Chapel you will be prompted to input a four-digit code displayed on the projector screen.
    • Welcome to the future!